Development FAQ: 24+ months – Potty Training

When we go out during potty training, do you advise using pull-up nappies?

  • No – it’s tempting to use these because they are similar to pants but to your child they will seem like a nappy again. It will confuse him and potty training will take much longer. The absorbency of the pull-ups means your child will be less aware of when he is wet.
  • Try to plan potty training when you can just be at home. It seems restricting but one week staying home near the potty will ensure you and your child succeed and you can then go out and about as normal, taking the potty with you or using the loo wherever you go.
  • During the fist few days at home put your child in a short t-shirt and into pants which can easily be pulled up and down. Tracksuit bottoms and skirts for girls care ideal clothing to wear in the early days. Avoid poppers, buttons or braces. And remember that once you give up the nappy, don’t go back as this is the main reason for potty training failing.