Development FAQ: 24+ months – Potty Training

My son was quickly and easily potty trained at 2 years and 8 months. I’d like to get him out of nappies at night-time but they seem to be sodden in the morning when he gets up. How long will this go on for?

  • It sounds as if he might be drinking too much in the evening. Try to give him his biggest drink before 6pm with a small drink before bedtime if needed, so he can have a final wee before going to bed.
  • If he still has a lunchtime sleep, keep him in nappies until you find they are consistently dry for two weeks. Tackle this first.
  • I usually wait until a child is at least three years old before removing a nappy at night-time. If you find his nappy is dry or slightly damp in the mornings for a few weeks you can try to abandon them. You might find he starts to wake in the night needing a wee. You can leave the potty in his room and put in a very dim night-light so he can get to out of bed and use the potty by himself. Wait until he’s at least three before you do this as it could lead to disturbed sleep and night wakings.