Development FAQ: 24+ months – Potty Training

My son is nearly three and has been using the big toilet for quite a while now. I’ve been trying to get him to stand up and wee but he only wants to do it sitting down. What can I do?

  • You might have more success if daddy shows him how this is done. If he’s been watching only you he could be confused. When he’s with other boys at nursery school or during visits, encourage him to watch them wee standing up and make a big fuss of him being grown up.
  • You might need to put a small step by the loo so he can reach and aim properly. Hold him carefully under the arms until he learns to balance on his own.
  • A trick that has worked for me is getting boys to try and pee into a disposable plastic cup over the loo. This helps them get used to it. Encouraging him to make a nice splashing noise can help too.
  • Ask daddy to show him how to hold his willy up and aim, then how to shake the drips off afterwards.