Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

At 20 weeks my son still wakes every night despite eating and feeding well

Although I have been following CLB for 6 weeks and have also started to wean my 20 week son using the weaning guide for 4-5 months he is still waking every night and taking a feed.
He is doing really well on the weaning timetable so I think he is taking all the milk he needs in the day. But every night he wakes between 2.30/4am. I have started to reduce the milk he takes in the night, at present I am offering him 3ozs, but he then wakes again around 5.40/6am very hungry. Feeding him at 6am then affects the rest of the day.
His present feeding schedule is: 7.15am 8ozs, 11am 7ozs and 2 cubes of vegetable or fruit, 2pm 5ozs, 6pm 8ozs and 3/4 tsp baby rice with 1 cube fruit, 10pm 5ozs. At present he weighs 17lbs.
He settles well at 7pm, and at 10pm is difficult to wake so has a “dream feed”. During the day his napping is more erratic. Some days he will only have three 30 min naps, other days he will manage 3 hrs worth.
At lunchtime he may settle for 1 1/2 hrs but usually 30-45 minutes. It is never for 2 full hours. He will sleep 30 minutes at 9am and again from 3.30-4pm.
He has had a difficult start; severe colic, reflux and tongue tie but now he is well in himself. I am getting very disheartened that despite following the CLB routine and weaning plan, he is still nowhere near sleeping from 7pm to 7am.
I am not sure what to do next and am suffering from post natal depression, so the constant night waking is adding to my exhaustion. He is a lovely little boy but often grumpy from being so tired.

Trying to get a baby settled in a routine when he has had a difficult start in life is not easy. He has begun to associate waking in the night with being fed, which will take a while for you to crack.
As he is waking hungry at 5.40/6am, despite having had 3ozs in the night, it is better to feed him then and resettle him back to sleep. Wake him at 7.30am and offer him a small top up of 2-3ozs. This will then see him through to 11am when his next feed is due.
Using the “core night” as explained in The New Contented Little Baby p148 will help you begin to drop the middle of night feed. It is not going to happen overnight as he now associates waking with being fed, but this will help you get your son to learn to fall back to sleep without needing a feed, as he begins to go longer without feeding in the night.
The 10pm feed can be difficult, as you know it needs to be a full feed to help your baby get through the night. Many mothers find it takes at least twenty minutes for their baby to really wake at this time. Try beginning at 10pm by putting on the lights and some kind of background noise as a CD or radio. Take off any covers over him or undo his sleeping bag so that he can feel air to his skin. If you can get him to be awake at this feed for 3/4 hr to an hour, you may find it will help him go a little longer at night. As his daytime sleep can be a little erratic he will often be in a deep sleep at this time.
If you begin to work on his daytime naps, and getting him to settle better at lunchtime, you may find that actually waking him at 10pm rather than “dream feeding” him will become easier.
During the daytime he also needs to learn how to settle to sleep alone and how to get back to sleep once he has stirred himself at lunchtime. Look at the article on the site about this nap at http://www.contentedbaby.com/members-only/Lunchtimenap.php
To get him into the habit of being settled for 2hrs at this time may mean you have to walk him in his pram at first so he adapts to a longer sleep time. Other mothers find a car ride or even lying with their babies gets them used to sleeping longer at this time of day. Again it won’t happen instantly but if you keep trying consistently on a daily basis, things will begin to fall into place and you will see that his day is beginning to resemble the routines in the book.
Keeping a brief daily record can really help. Jot down feedings, wakings and nap times, also how he settled he is, and you should begin to see each day becoming more consistent.
Your son will need you to help him at first so he becomes better about settling to sleep. In the New Contented Baby book, look at the earlier routines and see how a younger baby is settled. You need to have a “wind down” time before he is overtired so he learns to fall asleep alone. This will help develop the skill to settle himself back to sleep when he comes into a light sleep after 30-45 minutes.
Getting the combinations right when introducing vegetables and fruit, will help to satisfy your baby. At lunchtime balance the vegetable with a carbohydrate. Use one cube of a starchy vegetable such as sweet potato to mix with a vegetable such as courgette. Using a carbohydrate such as baby rice or sweet potato will help satisfy your baby’s hunger. The weaning guide has very detailed plans to help you do this.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 4 month old is demanding more milk at 10pm and waking early in the morning

I have a hungry baby and cannot seem to get the balance of milk and solids right to stop her waking early in the morning, despite still having a 10pm feed.
1 month ago (weight: 8lbs 7 oz at birth) she was taking 7-8oz Aptamil-2, 5 times a day. She then started showing all the signs of needing to be weaned early. We monitored it for a while and checked with the health visitor. She was started gradually on solids at 14/15 weeks at the 11am feed with the basic purees recommended by CLB for her age. She loved them. Two weeks later she began to be fretful around 5-6pm, so I started her with a little solids around 5pm. As I also have a 3 year old, I find 6pm chaotic.
I noticed she was beginning to cut back on her milk, so I switched her back to Aptamil-1 in the day, but stayed with Aptamil-2 at 6.45 and 10pm.
She then began to lose interest in her 7am feed, so I changed the evening bottles to Aptamil-1 as well, hoping she would increase her feeds by day. I also felt as it was getting warmer, the no2 may be too rich for her. At 10pm she has either 4ozs no2 or 5ozs no1.
I read in the Contented Baby Book to try to give her 6oz at 5.45pm with solids and then a top up at 6.30pm. This did work for a while but she is now refusing the 6.30pm top up. She takes 5ozs no1 at 10pm but has begun to wake at 5.30am hungry. She will take 6-7ozs and settles back to 7am and then is happy to have a top up of 3ozs at 7.30/8am to keep her on track.
She sleeps from 9-9.45am, 12-2pm and 4.45-5pm.
At present she weighs 18lbs+ and takes 7oz at 5am, 3oz at 7.30am, 7oz at 11am, 5-6oz at 2.30pm, 6oz at 5.45pm, 1oz at 6.30pm and 5ozs at 10pm. She has the equivalent of 2ozs of solids at 11am and 5.45pm; these are basic purees combined with potato at lunch and rice at tea.
It has all become very confusing for me; is it better to give less milk but use Aptamil-2 at 10pm? Does she need more solids such as breakfast? Or should increase her Aptamil-1 at 10pm?
I am so tired of her waking in the early morning, although this early start means she is sleeping two hours at lunchtime, but I think I preferred it when she slept through the night. What should I do?

Getting two children ready for bed in the evenings can be hectic, but with a little restructuring of the times you feed your daughter she should begin to have a better feed before bedtime.
Cut back on the 2.30pm feed a little, offering 4-5ozs. This will help her to be hungrier in the evening.
Go back to giving your daughter a “split feed”. Let her have 5ozs at 5pm along with her solids. This could coincide with your 3-year-olds tea. Let her have a break and then offer her a 4oz top up after her bath at 6.30pm. By doing this, she will have already increased her intake by at least 2ozs. Having this break of an hour between the two halves of a full feed in the evening, should help her increase her intake.
As your daughter has weaned early, it is very important that she does not cut back too much on her milk too soon. But she needs to be taking most of her daily requirements between 7am and 7pm. The feed at 10pm should not go above 6ozs. Keep to Aptamil-1 so she will be hungry for her 7am feed. Once she increases the amounts of solids given, you can begin to cut back on it.
If this increased intake helps her sleep longer in the morning then you can begin to offer a small amount of cereal. Until you get the large feed at 5.30am reduced or pushed to 7am, giving her cereal then will just begin to put her off her lunch at 11am. Have you tried to settle her with a smaller feed at 5.30am to get her nearer to 7am at which time she could take a full feed?
If she is taking two to three cubes of vegetable puree at lunchtime and two to three teaspoons of rice with fruit in the evening along with four good milk feeds, then she really should not need to feed before 7am. If you feel it is becoming a habit rather than hunger, then try to settle her with a much smaller feed or cool boiled water.
Once she is beginning to get through to 7am then offer her a small amount of cereal after her milk. Don’t increase the cereal too quickly as this will affect how much she takes at lunch.
As she is quite big you may have to consider introducing her to a small amount of protein before six months. Check with your health visitor first.
Using Aptamil-2 at 10pm does not seem to have had the desired effect of her sleeping longer in the mornings. By sticking to Aptamil-1 and offering her a slightly larger feed of 6ozs at 10pm, she should begin to sleep better.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

How do I know when to drop the 10pm feed for my 4 month baby?

I was just wondering what comes first: less daytime sleep or cutting out the 10pm feed? For the last 3 weeks (despite interruptions of colds/teething) we have been down to 2oz at 10pm but just lately it seems to be putting her off the 7am feed when she’s only taking 5/6oz – normally she takes about 7oz (I don’t know whether it’s all the rubbish she’s been swallowing). I try to top her up with another ounce or two 30 minutes later just to try and keep her on track (she’s not having breakfast yet).
After putting a post on the message board for some feedback, for the last couple of nights I’ve offered her 3oz water at 10pm just to see if it is the waking time she needs, not the milk, but it backfired as I ended up giving her a watery feed at 4am. She has a total of 9oz Aptamil-2 and solids at 5.45/6.30pm and I felt that should be enough to get through the night.
I was also wondering whether the 30 minutes she’s awake for at 10pm means she wants more sleep in the day (she wakes up very easily at 10pm). She has 30 minutes at 9:15, 2 hrs at 12:15 and then a quick 10-15 minutes at 4:45. She can’t seem to make it to bedtime without this nap. If she didn’t have 30 minutes awake time at 10pm, do you think she would need less sleep in the day? I just can’t seem to find the right balances.
The other trouble is that I have am and pm playschool/group times which messes up feeds and sleeps.
At present my daughter weighs 17 pounds 4oz and is taking: 7am 5-7oz Aptamil-1, 11am 5oz Aptamil and 1 cube of potato with 2 cubes of vegetable puree, 2.30pm 6oz Aptamil 1, 5.45pm 6ozs Aptamil-2 and 1 cube fruit with 2ozs baby rice, 6.30pm 3oz Aptamil-2, 10pm 2oz Aptamil-1.

Being able to go through from 7pm to 7am may take your daughter some getting used to. Have you tried just not waking her at 10pm if you feel that she is ready to drop this feed? As she has been taking only 2ozs for the last three weeks, it might be a good idea to leave her to sleep. If she does wake in the early morning, try settling her with water until nearer 7am. It can take a while for a baby to adjust to sleeping right through and you may have to “push” her a little with water or watered-down feeds, until she manages to get through or resettles herself if she wakes.
Is she in a sleeping bag and well tucked in with a sheet? (so that coldness or startling can be an unlikely cause of early morning waking)
The time that she is awake at 10pm should not really affect how much daytime sleep she needs, now she is 4.5 months. As she is not sleeping for more than 3 hours in the day, she will probably not cut back on her naps any more in the day just yet. In younger babies, keeping them up for a longer spell at 10/11pm can help them sleep a longer stretch in the middle of the night.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

At 24 weeks, my son is cutting back on his milk and wakes early in the morning

I have two problems with my 24-week-old son which may or may not be connected.
He has never managed to sleep 7pm to 7am. Ay present he goes to bed at 6.30pm and wakes at 6am, although this has recently moved to 5.30am.
My main worry is over his milk intake which has declined recently. He was weaned at 4 months and now has three “meals” a day.
At 7am he has 7ozs milk, 2 tsps baby cereal with 1 cube of apple puree.
At 11am he will only take 1oz of formula, possibly 2 ozs before refusing any more. He will happily eat 3 cubes sweet potato, 1 cube carrot and 1 cube of courgette.
At 2/2.15pm he will take 1-3ozs formula.
At 6pm he takes 8ozs with 6tsp rice mixed with 2 cubes of pear.
I have followed the weaning guide, so feel I have not introduced the wrong types of food or are overfeeding him. He presently weighs 18lbs 4ozs.
He is barely taking 20ozs of milk a day but gets upset if I try to give him any more. I worry he will soon begin to demand a night feed as he has so little milk by day.
Because he is waking from 5.30/6am he is tired by 6.30pm and I cannot get him to 7pm. His early waking is also affecting his daytime naps. At present he sleeps at 8.30-9.15am,11.30-1pm and 3.00-3.30pm.

Cutting back too soon on milk can be a problem with babies of this age, especially if they are not very active yet. Until they are rolling a lot, sitting up and beginning to crawl, they are not using up a great deal of energy and this may become apparent in a decrease in food intake. Encourage him to have plenty of floor and kicking times to help him be hungry for his feeds.
Your son’s needs of about 20ozs of milk a day, include the milk used in mixing food. So the milk used in mixing cereal which he is having at breakfast and tea all counts towards his daily total.
As he is not taking a very big breakfast yet, begin to push his lunch time to 11.30am. Use the “tier method” which you appear to be doing already, offering his milk first. Make sure that he cannot see his solid food when offered his formula. Many babies who enjoy their solids will refuse milk if they see what is to follow.
As you are following the weaning guide, you will be starting to introduce protein in about two weeks’ time. When this has been accepted, the 11am milk is phased out completely and replaced with water or well diluted juice to help with the absorption of iron. This often results in a baby slightly increasing his 2pm feed for a while.
Your son appears not to be hungry at 2pm so again push this feed onto 2.30/2.45pm and see if he is willing to take a little more.

Your son’s waking in the morning does not appear to be really through hunger as he is able to wait until 7am for his feed and breakfast. It is far more likely due to him going down exhausted at 6.30pm.
His afternoon nap is quite early, obviously due to his lunchtime nap beginning at 11.30am. If you are able to push his 11am feed to 11.30am and get him down by 12 midday, he should sleep nearer to 2pm. He may still need a very short catnap before 5pm but try to make this about 4.30pm. If his lunchtime sleep is still short, give him two afternoon catnaps of about 15 minutes each. One at 3-3.15pm and another at 4.30-4.45pm. This should help you get him through nearer to 7pm and he will not be going to bed so tired. The effect should be a slightly later waking time in the morning.
Check his room for chinks of light waking him earlier now that it is summer, and also that he is not cold nor disturbed by the noise of boilers or heating systems clocking on.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 5.5mth boy does not like milk. What should I do?

I cannot get my son to take more than 4oz of formula and never have. He was never that interested in breast milk and the maternity nurse I had with me told me to stop breast feeding. She left after a week as she said she couldn’t do anything with him and that he would start sleeping when he went onto solids. He’s now 5 1/2 months old and on 3 meals a day and still won’t take any milk. Even if I mix it into the solids he gets upset. Consequently he is still waking in the night. Can you recommend anything for babies that seemingly hate milk, even their mother’s! He’s my second baby; my first one went through the night at 8 weeks and was a very good eater/sleeper.
At present he weighs 18lbs 14ozs. He feeds at 7.30am 2ozs. He takes a ramekin of baby cereal with 3-4ozs of milk. 11am 2ozs, 2 cubes of vegetable with rice and 2 ozs of milk. 2.30pm 3-4 ozs, 4pm 2 ozs water, 6.30pm 2-3 ozs and 2 cubes fruit, rice mixed with 2 ozs milk. 2.30am 4 ozs.
He sleeps at 9-9.50am, 12-2.15pm and settles at 7pm. After his feed at 2.30am he will sleep until 5.30am.

Your son appears to be one of a fairly small group of babies who genuinely do not like milk. Has your HV or doctor ever expressed concern over his dislike of milk? If you are worried about his nutritional needs, ask to be referred to a dietician who can help you increase his solids in the correct way to ensure he is receiving all the nutrients he needs.
His intake is just about the minimum required by his age, so it would be best to continue to use milk to mix his solids with, providing he is eating those well. As well as giving rice with his lunchtime vegetable you could also introduce potato and sweet potato and use milk to mix them with.
Once he reaches six months you will be able to give him yoghurt and cheese as well as introducing more milk based sauces and custards. All this will help his intake.
When did you stop giving him a 10pm feed? Possibly you decided that he will take more milk if left to sleep to 2.30am rather than being woken at 10/10.30pm? Until a baby is taking sufficient solids by day they will continue to need a fifth feed. As your son does not have a large amount of milk and is still in the earlier stages of weaning it would be worth trying to reintroduce this feed at 10.30/11pm. If he will take his 4ozs then he should be able to get through to 5/6am. He may possibly take a small feed then, providing this does not put him off his 7am feed and breakfast.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 4 month son has drastically reduced the amount of milk he drinks over the last month

My 4-month-old son has drastically reduced the amount of milk he is taking over the last month. Apart from during growth spurts, when he has taken up to 30 oz, he takes only 20oz a day with a lot of difficulties. He hasn’t demanded his feeds for a long time. I am very worried he is not taking enough milk. He happily takes his baby rice at 11am.
His feed times are 7.15am 5-7 ozs, 11am up to 4ozs, but recently none, 3pm up to 4 ozs, but even less frequently, 6pm 6oz with difficulty, 10pm up to 4ozs. He takes 1 tablespoon of baby rice at 11am and is offered diluted juice in the day; he takes about 1 oz of this. He weighs 6.52 kg[14.6lbs]
He sleeps from 9-10.30am, 1-1.45pm, 3-3.30pm and settles at 7pm. He sleeps to 7am from going down at 10.30pm.

It is always worrying when a baby seems to be taking in less milk than you feel they should have. During the recent hot weather a lot of babies will have cut back on their intake as, like us, they did not feel really hungry in the heat of the day. At this age too, a baby will not be so ravenous for a feed as soon as they wake from a nap. Your son does have a small intake for his weight, so here are several ideas to try to see if you can get a little more into him each day. If you continue to be concerned, then seek advice from your Dr or Health Visitor.

Wait until he is really well awake in the morning; feeding him nearer to 7.30am to try to keep this to a 6-7 oz bottle. Now you have introduced solids, it may help him if you split the next feed a little. Offer 2 ozs at 11am then let him have a break until 11.30am before offering another 3-4 ozs. Give him his solids after this.

By 3pm he should be ready to have another 3-4 ozs and then consider doing a split feed at 5/6pm as you did when he was younger. Try to give him 2-3 ozs at 5pm and then wait until 6.30/6.45pm, well after his bath, before offering him another 4-5 ozs.

From your notes it shows your son has his longest sleep in the earlier part of the day. By cutting back on this nap and encouraging him to have a longer midday nap, you will be able to offer him a top up at 12.30pm when going down for his sleep. There are some babies who seem to have smaller appetites and are unable to take in too much at a time. Letting them have 20 minutes to 1/2 hr between two parts of their feed usually increases their intake. Try not to continually offer him the bottle once he has taken his first amount. Wind him and put him down for a kick under his gym and then offer him the rest of the feed after a real break. Even if he takes 3-4 more ozs each day it will help him maintain his weight.
Be aware that too much juice or water can take the edge of a baby’s appetite especially if offered too close to a feed.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

At nearly 5-months-old my son is beginning to refuse milk feeds

I have two problems. My first concerns feeding. My son of almost 5 months is refusing his 7am bottle. He’s not crying, but is turning his head in all directions and pushing the teat out with his tongue. He just doesn’t seem hungry. I persist, but he still doesn’t drink. I’ve stopped his 10pm feed, cause I thought that this would make him more hungry, but that hasn’t made a difference. He has also started refusing his 2.30pm feed, but for this feed he starts crying and arches his back. Then when I take the bottle away he still continues crying unless I stand up and distract him. If I persist with this feed he eventually drinks. I thought that it could be cause he’s teething, but even if I rub teething gel on before, he still cries. I’m so worried that he might lose weight. He eats his 11am feed and 6pm feed fine. I’m following the complete guide to weaning, so I don’t know what the problem could be.
At present he takes: 7am 180ml, 11am 210ml, 2.30pm 180ml, 6.20pm 240ml. He also has juice at 8.30am 25mls, 1pm 10mls and 3.30pm 50mls. At lunch he has 2 tsp rice cereal with 1 cube turnip and at tea he has 5tsp rice cereal and 2 cubes veg or fruit. He weighs 8kg.
My second problem is that my mother-in-law looks after him in the morning because I work, and since I finish work at 1pm I let her put him down at 11.30am so that he can have an hour and half sleep before I fetch him. When I start pushing his 11am feed later in the day, how can I change the routine, so that I can still collect him at 1pm and spend quality time with him when I’m not at work, without causing a problem? At present he sleeps 9-9.45am, 11.30-1pm, 4-4.30pm and settles at 7pm.

The amount of milk your son is taking satisfies the recommended minimum amount of 600mls needed by a baby of his age who is being weaned. As he appears happy and well then, he may be beginning to cut back a little on his milk now that solids have been introduced. He is also receiving milk from the rice cereal he is having twice a day which is added to the daily total.

When he first wakes, let him have a little play and kick before feeding him, perhaps waiting another 20 minutes so you are feeding him nearer to 7.30am. You may find that he is hungrier by then. As babies get older they are not so ravenous for their milk when they first wake as they are when very young.

This later milk may begin to have the effect of him beginning to cut back a little on his 11am milk. As more solids are introduced in the next month, you will begin to use the “tier” method, which means he is offered about two thirds of his milk then solids, then the rest of his milk. He will gradually cut back on this feed making way for the introduction of protein in the sixth month. At present he is having a larger bottle at 11am, followed by solids, then a small drink of juice at 1pm which means he is not so hungry at 2.30pm. This feed is often smaller than the others until the 11am is dropped in the sixth month. Again, try offering it slightly later, perhaps 2.45pm and see if he takes it a little better.

Juggling your son’s sleeping and feeding times may take a bit of thought. Already he is only sleeping 2hrs 45 minutes in the day and it would be unwise to cut back on this much more for a few months. Once he becomes more mobile by rolling and crawling, he will probably need a longish sleep of about 2hrs in the middle of the day to avoid getting over-tired. By six months he may have pushed his morning nap forward and therefore his lunchtime nap will be pushed later, usually about 12.30pm. If he is given a slightly longer morning nap, he may get to 1pm and then have his nap once collected from his grandmother’s, or you may have to wait until 2pm to collect him if you find he is unable to get to 1pm without becoming over-tired. Balancing your needs with those of your son, is all part of parenting. It is probably better to have a well rested baby for the rest of the afternoon than one who is overtired and cranky. It is difficult to predict how he will adapt if you try to juggle his sleeps; it may be a case of trial and error and finding what suits all of you best.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 4.5-month-old takes a long time to take a bottle and he often vomits at 6pm

My son has been a ‘perfect’ Gina baby for 15 weeks but always has been quite difficult to feed. Bottle feeding is getting consistently worse – he cries when the bottle is put in his mouth for 50% of his feeds, despite trying him in all positions and in a chair. Remainder of feeds are okay and he will always take a full feed when he gets started (which sometimes takes 30mins); it is getting him started that is the problem! The best time he takes the bottle is at his 10pm feed: there is no resistance and he takes this down really well.
Since getting a slight cold 3 weeks ago, he has started to bring up some of his feeds – mainly the 6pm one! He sometimes fights this bottle so I have started to feed him earlier to rule out tiredness and still give him a short nap at 4.50pm. Even when he takes the bottle and his solids okay, he will sometimes bring everything up when he is put down in his cot. After feeding he is usually happy but he can be a bit twitchy. As soon as we lay him down he is sick probably 3 nights out of 7. He will then take down more milk but I am concerned that he is starting to bring up solids as well.
He has had solids for 8 days and takes them really well – I don’t think bringing up his feeds are connected as he is really happy and not constipated; except when I am trying to give him a bottle. He is currently on a 3 hole teat, but I have tried with variable flow as well and haven’t seen any improvement.
Please help : how can I make him happier having his bottle and stop this teatime sickness?

It would sound as if your son is not always that hungry for his feeds. By four months this often happens and it worth waiting 15-20 minutes at feed times before beginning, rather than spend this time trying to coax him to start. Wake him at 7am and feed him at 7.20/7.30am, then move the next feed to 11.30am. See if he will take his feed better nearer to 3pm and then use the method below to feed him at 5/6pm. This extra 20-30 min spacing should help him take his bottle quicker.

To help your son digest his solids a little better at the end of the day when he is tired, it would be a good idea to split this feed. About 5.30/5.45pm give him 2/3rds of his milk feed followed by his rice. Although he will be tired, wait until 6.20/6.30pm for his bath, which should get him through to have the last third of his feed around 6.45pm. Let him sit in his chair for a good 10-15 minutes after finishing his feed before settling him for his sleep. If he shows that he is able to tolerate this better, then keep to these timings for a few weeks. As he gets older and will not be so tired in the evenings you can begin to move the rice back towards 5pm. Give him half his rice at 5pm, a bath at 6pm and his full milk feed followed by the rest of his solids. If the vomiting problem does not reoccur, then keep to these timings until he is six-months-old. Once he reaches six months he should be able to have all his solids at 5pm and full milk feed once he has had his bath.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 4-month-old son is not really interested in his 7am feed

My son of four months never takes a full feed at 7am; the maximum he normally manages is 5.5oz. This is worse if he has his 10.30pm feed where he may take as little as 4oz. I have tried giving him a split feed but this makes no difference. He has slept through from 10.30pm to 7am since 10 weeks and more recently has also been sometimes sleeping 7-7 following a very large feed at 6.15pm (8oz) as well as a bottle at 5pm (4oz) which he has not appeared keen to drop. His other feeds he will take 7 ounces, he always seems to end up taking about 30oz a day over his feeds. He has regularly put on 8oz a week since he was 2 weeks old. He weighs 14.12oz.

As your son has sometimes slept through from 7pm after a large feed, begin to offer him just 2 oz at 10pm and see if this has any change on how hungry he is at 7am. Until they are established on solids some babies do need this fifth feed , even if it is just 2ozs, to get through the night and not wake until near to 7am.If he shows he is able to cope with just 2ozs and still sleep through to 7am then keep giving him this small 10pm feed until you have begun to offer solid food. You could also try holding off his morning feed until 7.30am and see if he is happier to take 7-8ozs when it is offered slightly later. Over four months babies begin to be able to wait for their feeds and not need them as soon as they wake. They may enjoy a change and a small kick on a play mat then accept a full feed after being awake for about 30 minutes.

Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Formula Feeding

My 5-month-old baby suffers from reflux and refuses bottles during the day

My son was diagnosed with reflux from 3 weeks old and is currently on infant Gaviscon. The trouble is, that no matter how hard I try and get him established on the CLB routine he refuses bottles, particularly in the morning. He eats really well during the night (he will have a bottle at 10.30 and another at 2.30am) but come the morning he won’t have anything until usually sometime during the afternoon. If he does manage to drink anything it will only be a couple of ounces at a time. I have tried giving him water during the night but his stomach rumbles so much where he is hungry that I usually resort to giving him a bottle but I do water the bottle down slightly so although he thinks he is getting a good feed (he is in fact only taking about 4 ounces of water with 2/3 scoops of powder). He sleeps really well during the night and goes to bed like a dream at 7pm (at the latest 7.30pm) and does drink his bottle really well before going to bed but because he won’t feed very well during the day his daytime naps are affected. I have tried a different formula and bigger teats. I have tried giving him solids instead of the bottle if he refuses it, with the hope that in his next feed he will drink really well but he just doesn’t. On a good day he will have about 24 oz (and that includes the night feeds). Any ideas? I am quite happy to do controlled crying but I do work evenings until 2am and have to get up again at 6.30am to take my daughter to school (she is nearly 5 years old). So I would rather try and get him to feed better during the day so he goes through the night on his own, which I know he can do because I have forgotten to feed him at 10.30pm before and he managed to go through until 1.30am (which is 7 and a half hours).

He weighs about 16lbs. He feeds at 7am 2ozs, 11am 4ozs, 2.30pm 3ozs, 6.00pm 6ozs, 10.30pm 7ozs, 2.30am 5ozs. He takes 1teaspoon of rice or 1 cube of fruit at 7am and 1tsp of rice with 1 cube veg or fruit at 6pm.
He naps from 9-9.50am, 12.30-2.30pm and 4.30-4.45pm. He is settled at 7pm.

To get your son to take more of his milk by day and less at night you will have to eliminate the middle of the night feed slowly. Continue to water it down. Keep making up the same amount but decrease the powder every few nights until it is just 1 scoop to 4 ozs of water. The effect of this may be an earlier waking in the morning through hunger in which case you must feed him. You may need then to offer him a small top up feed at 7/7.30am to get him back on track for his 11am feed. Once he has taken the very dilute feed for a couple of nights, try to settle him with just water. This may take time and if you can get help from your partner with this it should mean you will be more able to cope in the day. Don’t give in and go back to feeding him when he first wakes; if you are consistent and persistent you should be able to see some improvement in his daytime intake within a few days.
Until he is beginning to take a better feed at 7am you could try offering this in two parts. Give him 2oz on waking and offer him a further 2-3oz around 7.45am. Offer him his next feed at 11am followed by his solids. At this age his solid food is not intended to replace his milk completely. Until he is feeding better by day it may help to give him his milk feed at 11am and then his solids at 11.40am. This will help gradually increase the solids without dropping his milk intake too much yet. On your notes your son started solids at 4 months. He is now just five months and does not seem to have increased the amounts by very much. Look at Gina’s weaning guide to see how to introduce a variety of fruit and vegetables and also how to balance the intake so your baby receives the right amounts at the right times of day.
Once you have seen an increase in his daytime intake you may find he begins to cut back on his 10.30pm feed. Until he is better established on solids and has increased the amounts he is taking, keep this feed in place even if it drops to only 2ozs. It is better to feed him a small amount then than have him return to waking in the night again through hunger.