Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

My seven-week-old son takes a full feed at 5.20am, but is not hungry for his next feed

My son follows the routines perfectly during the day and sleeps from the 10:30pm feed until 5:20am. But after taking 4oz at 5.20am, I try to top him up when he wakes again at 7am, but he refuses. This has a knock-on effect, both on the rest of day and his milk intake.
At present he feeds at 7.30am 0-3oz, 11am 5-6oz, 2.30pm 4oz, 5pm 3oz, 6pm 3oz, 10.30pm 3-5.5oz and 5.20am 4oz. He weighs between 11 and 12lbs. He naps from 9-9.45am, 10am-2.30pm and 3.40-4pm. He settles at 6pm.

It would appear from your notes that you have only just started to follow the routines. Your son has adapted very well to the feeding times and seems to nap well during the day. Using the routines as a guide, and allowing for your son’s individual needs, will help ensure that your baby has the right amount of milk for his age.

It is very common when a baby begins to sleep longer at night that they take a full feed when they wake, followed by a very small top-up at 7/7.30am to get them through to 10.30/11am. This can be just 1-2oz of milk. To get him to go the full stretch between 11pm and 7am you need to very gradually cut back on the amount of milk you give him at 5am. Try to see if he is happy to settle with 2-3oz of milk at this time and he may then begin to increase the amount he takes at 7am. Look at p149 in The Contented Little Baby Book to read more about this.

Providing he has been gaining 6-8oz weekly, his daily milk intake, although slightly low for his expected weight, is acceptable. If, however, he is not putting on this amount of weight weekly, you should try to increase his daily intake a little. You could do this by giving him 2-3oz followed by a 20 minute break mid-feed, letting him sit quietly in his chair once winded. Then offer him another 2-3oz, which he should be happier to take. This will help to increase his daily total. Using this method at 10pm may mean you have less of a struggle getting him to take a full feed. Wake him at 10pm and offer him 2-3oz, then allow him a break of around 20 minutes before offering him the second 2-3oz. Make sure he is fully awake before you start to feed him.

By always starting the day at 7am and fitting in a feed, bath, feed and bed between 5-7pm, you will begin to see that your son is better able to keep to the routines. This may take a while, as some babies can be quite sleepy when young. As he is having an earlier nap in the afternoon, he will be ready for bed by 6pm. Day by day as he grows bigger and becomes more interested in his surroundings, you will find he will want to stay awake longer in the afternoon before needing a short nap. At this stage his bedtime will move nearer to 7pm.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

6-week-old Michael can’t last from his 6.15pm feed to his 10.30pm feed

My 6-week-old baby, Michael, does not last from the 6:15pm feed to 10:30pm. He is formula fed and weighs 13lb 5oz. He will not settle at 7pm, even after feeding well during the day. He wakes up wanting a feed at 7:30 and 8:30 and often then drinks 125 mls. He screams a lot at these feeds, bringing up a lot of wind and being in a lot of pain. He then settles at 9, but often only if held, sometimes only if held lying on his tummy.
His morning nap is an hour or more and his lunchtime nap can be up to two and three quarter hours, with a wake for a feed at about 2pm. Sometimes he needs another half an hour in the afternoon. He feeds at 6am (90mls), 7.30am (70 mls), 10.30am (125mls) 2pm (160mls), 5pm (125mls) and 6.30 (60mls) but can then wake twice more, hungry, before his 10.30pm feed.

Michael is sleeping quite a bit in the morning which is having the effect of him not being really tired in the evenings so more likely to be unsettled. If he wakes at 6am and then settles back easily to 7.30am, try to keep him up until nearer 9am. Then he will have a short sleep of 45 mins and be ready to feed at 10.15/ 10.30am. Again he needs to be encouraged to stay awake until at least 11.30am so he is more likely to sleep for a longer period over lunchtime.
It is not always easy to keep small babies awake but keep trying to push him a little bit longer in the day. Change his position often as he will stay more alert if there is something new to look at. Time kicking on his change mat often keeps a young baby awake just for another 15 minutes or so which can mean they begin to go down nearer the times stated in the routines.
Allow him at least 20 mins for a wind-down time, so he gets used to becoming calm and then falling asleep on his own. If he begins to cry having been awake for more than hour and a half don’t always assume that he is hungry, as some babies do cry when they are tired.
In the two days information you gave us about the afternoon and evening it would seem that on one day Michael was probably overtired, having woken at 3.30pm and not settling until 6.45pm so he was up over three hours and the result was a restless evening. On the other day he had had a very early midday nap and then needed two naps, one after 5pm which left him not so ready to sleep in the evening. Getting him into a more regular pattern every day should go a long way to eliminating his unsettled evenings. It can be hard work but keep trying every day to get his naps into place and lasting about the right length. If he is sleeping well between feeds in the night he will need a 45 min nap in the morning, a longer one of no more than two and a half hours at lunch time and another half hour or even two catnaps in the afternoon before 5pm.

You don’t mention the size teat you are using, but Omneo formula, being thicker does need a teat with larger holes. Michael could be taking his feeds too quickly which is meaning he is drinking too much before feeling satisfied. Once he has taken half of his feed, wind him and let him sit in his chair for 15-20mins. Some babies will take a dummy at this time which allows them to fulfill their sucking needs without over feeding themselves. Finish his feed off and see if he is less windy and uncomfortable as a result. By giving him a slightly longer time at each feed, you may find that he does not take quite so much and is more settled content afterwards.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

How can I structure my 4 week baby’s feeds to stop her large milk intake?

Skye was born almost 4 weeks early weighing 6lbs 7ozs. I need help in structuring her feeds, and the resulting excessive consumption of milk for her weight. Is she able to go 4 hours at night time yet? At present she is waking every 3 hrs from 9pm.
I feed Skye 5.00 3ozs, 07.30 3ozs, 10.15 5ozs, 14.00 5ozs, 17.00 4ozs, 18.15 3ozs, 21.30 4.5ozs, 00.45 3ozs, 03.15 3ozs, 05.00 rocked back to sleep.
She is feeding on Cow and Gate 2 using a size 1 and 2 teat. She presently weighs 7lbs 15ozs.
Her sleeping by day is good; 09.00-10.00, 11.30-14.00,15.50-1700 but then settles at 19.00 only to wake again at 21.30.

In order to help Skye begin to settle for one longer period at night, it may help if you split her daytime feeds a little.
She is using a no2 teat at times which may mean she is drinking her milk too quickly. Her tummy doesn’t register that it is full, and she continues to demand milk when in reality what she needs is more sucking time. Stay using the no 1 teat for the next few weeks. This will help her to keep her daily intake more in line with her weight.
At present she should be taking about 20ozs in 24 hrs. If split over 6-7 feeds in 24 hrs, this makes each feed about 3ozs.
Allowing for the fact that Skye was a pretty good weight even though she was born early, it would help her not to gain weight too rapidly. 6-8 ounces a week is a good average.
When she wakes for her 7.30am feed, allow her to have 11/2 ounces, then give her a short break. Use a dummy to give her some sucking time and let her tummy begin to register that it has received some food. After about twenty minutes offer the rest of the feed. Use this method at each daytime feed and see if Skye is more able to be satisfied with 3ozs rather than 5ozs at 10.15 and 14.00hrs The exception to this is the feed at 5/6pm.
Allow Skye 3ozs at 5pm and 4ozs at 6pm.This should have the effect of getting her through to 10/10.30pm, at which time you can again use a split feed, allowing her at least 20 minutes before offering her the second half of her bottle. At this feed giving her 4-5ozs may help her adjust to sleeping for a longer stretch of 4-5 hrs. If Skye wakes around 2am to feed, she will still need a further small feed around 5/6am for the next few weeks. Once she becomes less interested in her 7/7.30am feed, you will know that she is ready to cut back a little on her night time bottles.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

How can I get my 4 week baby to go longer at night between feeds?

Zac will never settle after his 7pm feed. He falls asleep when exhausted, usually after hours of crying. Then, no matter how much he takes at the 10/11pm feed, or how much food and sleep he has had during the day, he wakes twice in the night at 2am and 5am. I cannot get him to sleep longer in the morning. He is very hungry in the night and takes 4ozs at both feeds.
I am not sure when I feed him at 5am whether I should put him back to sleep and wake him again at 7am or let him stay awake? Should I offer him a 2oz top up at 7am so he will make it through to 10am? I am desperate to get Zac to sleep to 6am or later.
In the day Zac fights sleep and is often very overtired by the time he eventually goes down. Would this be affecting his night time sleep and feeding even though all his daytime feeds are on schedule?
Zac weighs 10lbs 5ozs and feeds at 05.30am 4ozs, 10am 5ozs, 2pm 4-5ozs, 6pm 5ozs (split around bath time),10pm 4-5ozs. I sometimes offer him this feed at 11pm if he has taken a long time to settle at 7pm. He sleeps 05.30-10am, 11.30am to 1pm and 3-5pm by day.

In order to begin to stretch to one longer sleep in the night, Zac will need to have his afternoon/evening feeds and sleep structured a little differently.
In a baby of his age failing to settle at 7pm is either due to hunger or not being that tired when put down as he has slept for 2 hours in the afternoon.
To eliminate hunger being the cause, begin to split his feed between 5 and 6.15pm. When he wakes at 5pm offer him 2-3ozs of milk and then let him have a good kick before his bath at 5.45pm. After his bath offer him another 3-4ozs in his room with the lights low so he settles better. After 10 minutes of going down, if he shows no sign of settling, offer him a small top up to eliminate any possibility of hunger.
Once you have structured Zac’s waking and feeds in the early morning he should have a morning nap from about 9-9.45am. He then will need a longer sleep from 11.45-2pm and so only need a short 45mins to 1hr between 4-5pm. This will make him ready to settle to sleep, if well fed at about 7pm.

Although at his age it is not uncommon for a baby who feeds at 2am to wake again at 5am helping him stretch a bit can be done by lengthening the time he is awake at 10pm.
Wake him at 10pm and give him 3ozs of his feed, Then change him and let him have a good kick for 20-30mins. Keep the lights low and don’t stimulate him too much. By 11.15pm offer him the rest of his feed in a darkened room and settle him to sleep. This should help Zac sleep until at least 3am if not beyond. He will need a feed then but should settle back until nearer 7am.
If he does wake earlier than 7am, always treat the feed like any in the night. Keep the lights very low, don’t have much eye contact, only change him if necessary and settle him back to sleep as soon as possible. Depending how much he has taken at the feed he will need to be offered a top-up between 7 and 7.30am to help him get through to 10am. At this top up feed, wake Zac by pulling back the curtains to signal the beginning of the day.
Let Zac have some kicking time after this feed before his morning nap. Watching him for signs of tiredness means he will go down tired but not over-tired and fighting sleep. After his 10am feed let him have another time of kicking before he settles for a longer midday nap. As Zac will be feeding again at 5pm make his 2pm feed no more than 4ozs and encourage him to stay awake until 4pm by making sure he is not too warm and cosy. Again a spell under a play gym will encourage him to stay awake. Let him have a sleep but this afternoon nap should be short. Sometimes it is two catnaps taken in his chair or out in his buggy. Have Zac awake and ready to feed at 5pm so he will take the slightly larger split feed helping him to settle at 7pm.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

What can I expect with a 6 week old baby?

My baby who is now 6 weeks is waking earlier in the night. It is nearer 2.30/3am rather than 3.30/4am. He then also wakes at 6.15/6.30am. Should I be trying to get him back to sleep with a feed, cooled water or a dummy? I try to hold out feeding him until 7am but then he is too tired to stay awake until 9am. He always fights this nap, even if I take him to his room at 8.30am. He eventually settles but often wakes and moans throughout the nap. I wake him at 10am but cannot get him to wait for a feed. He is ready by 10.15/10.20am. He becomes hysterical if I try to get him to wait to 10.30am onwards. He is settled and asleep by 11.45 for his midday nap and I wake him at 2pm. The afternoon goes to the plan, having a 45 min nap between 4.15 and 5pm, but he is usually asleep by 6.45pm.
Is he getting too much daytime sleep and therefore waking earlier and needing to go to bed earlier? Why does he fight sleep at 9am?
When he is given formula by my husband at 10.30pm and 2.30am, is a size 1 teat too small? (Avent bottles). We felt it might take him longer to drink, so he would stay awake longer and therefore sleep longer in the night.
If I begin to offer cooled boiled water in the night, how do I do this? Can it be prepared in the evening and left out at room temperature?
When fed at 10.30pm, my husband finds it hard to keep the baby awake beyond 11pm. Should we wake him at 10pm and bring him downstairs to see if he will stay awake longer at this time and so sleep a longer stretch at night?
I am breast feeding my son at 7am, 10.15am, 2.20pm, 5pm and 6.15pm. He takes 5-6ozs formula at 10.30pm and 3-4ozs at 2.30am.
I express 2-3 ozs at 7am before giving him the second breast and then try to express 4-6ozs from both breasts at 8pm to be frozen. I am very tired and so then go to bed so there is no expressing at 10pm. Does this matter?
My son weighed 7lbs 15ozs at birth and at 6 weeks weighs 10lbs. He sleeps in a sleeping bag and his room is fully blacked out.

The age at which a baby is able to stretch longer in the night varies a lot. At six weeks a growth spurt is often in place, and therefore a baby will want to feed every 31/2 to 4 hrs throughout the night and day. Knowing when they are capable of going longer depends on several things.
Your son needs to be over 10lbs in weight and also gaining regularly 6-8ozs a week.
Losing interest or taking less at his 7am feed is another sign he is ready to go longer and take a little less at night. As your son is still waking at 6.15/6.30am and is ready to feed, this is clearly not happening yet.
Further on is an explanation of keeping him awake longer at 10.30pm. This could help him stretch past 3am, providing he takes enough milk.
If you decide he is ready to go longer or he manages to do so for a few nights in a row, then begin to use the “core night” as described in The Contented Baby Book p 148 or Sleeping Guide p42.
To use boiled water at night, prepare a bottle in the evening; 4ozs will be plenty. As it contains water and not formula, it is quite safe to leave it at room temperature until needed.
Once your son is sleeping nearer to 7am, you will find he will stretch out towards 9am. Many young babies are ready to settle within an hour and half of waking and it is important not to let him get overtired and so go on to fight sleep. Try taking him to his room at 8.20am and have a good 20min wind down time of quiet talking, followed by a change, and then darken the room and get him ready to go down by 8.45am. Even if he takes 10 minutes to settle alone, he will still be having the right amount of sleep for himself. All babies are different and some need a little more sleep than others in the early days.
Equally, encourage him gradually to wait for his feed beyond 10.15am. Try getting him to wait an extra 5 minutes for a few days and then increase the time by another 5mins for few days, providing he is not getting too worked up. Many babies of this age still need to be fed by 10.30am, especially if he is feeding before 7am.
Again at 6.45pm you can try to encourage him on little by little, but as he is not waking early in the evening for a feed, accept he is a baby who needs a little more sleep.
It is a good idea to “split” the feed between 10pm and 11.15pm. Getting him to stay awake at this time, especially as he is asleep by 6.45pm often has the effect of going a bit longer in the night. Make sure he is really awake before feeding him at least 2/3rds of his feed, then let him have a kick on the floor until 11.15pm Offering him the rest of the feed in a dimmed room should help him settle back quickly.
Moving up teat sizes can be trial and error. If he begins to take a much longer time to take his feeds, or grows tired and sleepy before finishing his bottle, then a next size is advisable. Try with a no2 and see if he is able to cope. If the flow is too fast for him he will dribble milk out the side of his mouth, unable to swallow enough to keep up with the amount he has sucked. On average it should take a baby about 20 minutes to take a bottle feed.
As you are breast feeding your son at 5/6pm, it would help if you could rest and eat a good meal before expressing and going to bed. If you are finding it hard to get 4-6ozs at 8pm, wait until 9/9.30pm. The early weeks of motherhood are very tiring so trying to rest/sleep before expressing should make it easier for you.
You have done very well to get your son into such a good routine by six weeks. Sometimes small babies need a little bit of “tweaking” with their sleeping and feeding times before they seem to coincide with the routine set for their age. Being aware of his needs, as well as what you would like to happen, all go towards having a contented little baby.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

I don’t know if my 7 week daughter is ready to go through the night yet

Could you tell me if I am doing the right thing with Summer? She has been sleeping through from 11.30pm till 5am for five nights. One night whilst I was preparing her feed she fell back to sleep and I had to wake her up at 7am. So the next night I let her cry for 10-20 minutes when she woke at 5am. However last night it took her 20-30 minutes to settle and I am worried that I should be feeding her. She is putting on 7ozs a week and has all her daily milk intake between 7am and 10pm. I need to know if I am doing things correctly.
Summer weighs 9lbs 8oz and feeds at 7am 5oz, 10.45 5oz, 2.30pm 5oz, 6.15pm 5oz, 10.30pm 5oz.

As Summer is only 7 weeks old she is doing exceptionally well to already be sleeping through to 5am every night.
When babies first begin to sleep through they often don’t manage to make it all the way to 7am in one go. There are two ways to deal with this time of morning. It can be a case of trial and error to see which way suits your baby the best.
As Summer has shown she is able to go this long for several nights in a row, don’t go back to feeding her earlier if she should wake. Use cooled boiled water to settle her with until at least 5am. When she wakes give her a feed and then settle her back to sleep until 7/7.30am. Treat the 5am feed as a night time one and keep any interaction with her to the minimum. When you wake her in the morning offer her a small top up feed which will get her through to 10.45am.
The other way is to offer a very small feed of about 2ozs at 5am just to settle Summer through to nearer 7am when you would begin your day with a full feed.
Whichever way you do this be aware that once Summer begins to lose interest in her 7am feed, she is showing the signs that she is able to get right through the night. This could take a couple of weeks or so to happen.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

How do I move night feeds on and get my 3-week-old less awake at 2.30am?

My 3-week-old daughter is waking at 2.30am and between 5am and 6am for feeds. This is regardless of what time we feed her at the late night feed, or how much she has taken. Her body clock seems stuck at these times and I’d really like to get her further onto to a 3/3.30am, 6.30am feed time. We have followed the advice in the book to wake her at 10pm and keep her awake until 11:15pm but this has only moved her on from a 2am waking, to a 2.30am waking. I have also increased the morning feeds as suggested. She is also very difficult to settle after her 2.30am feed and can be awake until 4am. I am having to resort to dummies just to get her to sleep at this time and I really don’t want her to get bad sleep association, but it’s either dummies or waking the entire house up! This wakefulness means she is very tired in the morning and I have difficulty keeping her awake until 9am for a morning sleep. She sleeps well in the day (I have to try and keep her awake) and settles well at 7pm as she is so tired. Is there anything I can do to move her night feeds on, and to make sure she is sleepy at night?
At present she feeds at: 7am 5oz, 10am 5oz, 2 or 1.30pm 4oz, 5pm 3-4 oz, 6.30pm 4oz, 10pm 5oz, 2.30am 4oz, 5.30/6am 3oz. She weighs 8lb 10ozs.
Her daytime naps are 8.30-10am, 11.30-1.30pm, 3.45-5pm. She settles at 7pm.

Your daughter is still fairly young and it is not unusual for a baby of this age and weight to still be waking at 2.30am and again between 5 and 6am. By the time she is 4-6 weeks of age she will be more capable of sleeping a longer stretch. She will gradually move herself on in the night when she is physically capable. The main sign that she is ready to move on, is a reluctance to feed, or feeding less at 7am.

Cutting back on the daytime sleep, especially in the afternoon, could help your daughter be little less of a “night owl”. If your daughter wakes from her lunchtime nap at 1.30pm, then let her have a cat-nap about 3pm for 15-20 minutes and another around 4.30pm for another 15-20 minutes, rather than one longer stretch of sleep in the afternoon. You may need to work towards this by gradually cutting back on her longer nap. Encourage her to stay awake in the afternoon by plenty of floor time and kicking. Make sure she is not too warm which could make her sleepy.

Begin to encourage her on a little in the morning. Keep her up another 5 minutes at 8.30am for a few days before putting her down, and then increase this by another 5mins every few days until she is going down nearer to 9am. As she is still young and quite sleepy, you do need to move her forward very slowly. By cutting some minutes of her daytime sleep, she could become less awake at 2.30am. Once she settles better after the 2.30am feed, she will be less tired in the morning. It is not unusual for a baby of this age to only stay awake for 1.5 hrs between feeds.

Ensure you keep things very low key in the night. Feed her by the lowest night light possible and only change her if it is absolutely needed. Keep any handling to the minimum and try to avoid too much eye-contact as all these can contribute to being more wakeful. Make sure she is well-winded and swaddled before going down. You may need to sit with her for 10 minutes after her feed with her swaddled up on your shoulder in the dark to help her calm down enough to sleep.

When you wake her up at 10pm , do you split that feed? Make sure she is really awake at this time by taking her downstairs into the light and have a TV or radio on. Give her 3-4ozs at 10pm, then let her have a kick until 11.15pm. Once changed, offer her another 2-3oz from a fresh bottle at 11.15pm. Give her this feed in the light and then settle her down to sleep once finished and winded. This means she takes a slightly bigger feed as she does at 5/6pm and will be awake for 1.5 hrs. Once she begins to sleep through from her night feed to 7am you can begin to cut back very gradually on the time she is awake at this feed.
Doing the 5.30/6am feed as a night feed should help her to settle back to sleep as quickly as possible until 7/7.30am, when you wake her for her next feed. Only change her if you really have to. Sometimes, giving a bigger feed at her waking at 5/6am then following with a small top up at 7/7.30am works better.
Your daughter is still a very young baby, and may continue to genuinely need to feed twice in the night at 2.30 and 5/6am for another week or so. Until she is well over 9lbs and gaining 6-8ozs on a regular basis, she may well go on waking at this time.
Once you begin to notice a reluctance to feed at 7am, or cutting back on the first feed of the day, then you can begin to move her on. See p 148 of The Contented Little Baby Book to show you how to do this.
Make sure she is well tucked in, with towels used to secure a sheet lengthways across her. When she wakes at 2.30am leave her a few minutes before going in as she may begin to settle back to sleep on her own. Only when she is really beginning to “cry up” do you need to go in and feed her. If you go to her at her first sound she will become used to waking up at this time and demanding a feed.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

How do I get my 5-week-old to take more at 10.30pm?

My little girl cannot seem to take a big enough feed at 10:30pm.
Summary of milk intake during day : 7am 3ozs, 10.15am. 3.5ozs, 2.00pm 4.5ozs, 5/6.15pm 5.5ozs, 10.30pm 3ozs, anything from 2.45-3.45 2.5ozs. She only ever takes 2.5ozs at the 2.45-3.45a.m. feed and makes it through to 7am, easily and often needs to be woken.
She follows the naps schedule for a 4-6 week old well, going down at 9.00 – 1hour, 11.30 2.5 hours, 4 – 1 hour and sleeps well in the evening.
My concern is the small intake at 10.30pm, during the night and at 7.00. Her milk intake seems to be at the wrong times. I think she could probably go through the night but I am not sure how to increase the 10.30pm feed.
I have read all your case studies and FAQ’s but cannot find the answer.

In the next week or so your daughter may well have another growth spurt. These often happen around six weeks. She may suddenly start demanding to have a little more at her daytime feeds, which could help her go through a little longer in the night.
As your daughter already needs waking at 7am and is not so interested in her feed then, begin to cut down by very small amounts you offer her in the night. It is important not to cut back too quickly and have your baby beginning to wake before 7am. Also by following the outline below, you should be able to increase her intake at 10pm which will help her go through a little further.

At present it would be a good idea to split the 10pm feed so that your daughter is awake for more than an hour at this time. Until your baby is at least three months, she will need to wake up properly somewhere between 7pm and 7am. Wake her at 10pm but make sure she is fully awake before beginning to feed her. Put on the lights and bring her into a room where the TV or radio are on. This may take 20 minutes or so. Give her 2-3ozs of her feed and let her have a gentle kick for about 20-30 minutes before you change her. Try not to be too over stimulating, as she does need to know that this is night time, but you need to encourage her to stay awake for a while. Change her, lower the lights and offer her the rest of her feed, possibly another 2ozs. Settle her back by 11.30pm. This method usually works well in getting a baby to go through a little longer in the night.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

Should I go back to feeding my 6 week baby at 10.30pm?

My six-week-old baby showed signs of mild reflux from birth. I tried Gaviscon Infant but noticed it had a laxative effect: he did not gain any weight at all during the 10 days he was on it, so now I thicken his formula with 1 scoop of rice to 5 scoops of formula, with good results (he had been projectile vomiting up to 2 feeds per day, now it is only occasional possetting.) My question is as follows:
I am on a 7.30am to 7.30pm routine, following the CLB closely. My baby is doing very well, but I encountered a problem a few days ago. Being an early sleeper, I would set my alarm to wake up and then wake my son at 11.30pm for a feed, and then he would wake at 3am on his own for the next feed. He would then sleep well until 7.30am. However, last week my alarm did not go off at 11.30, and he did not wake again until 3am. I decided to let this go for a few days, as my night nanny thought it was great that he was only waking up once at 3am for a feed, and he now sleeps solidly until 3-4 am every night, and I have been able to cut this feed down at 3am from 5 oz to only 2 oz, and he continues to sleep well until 7.30am. Our plan is to continue to wean him down, and then use water, etc, until he is sleeping through. In addition he seems to have managed well on this schedule through a growth spurt.
Should I allow this schedule to continue, considering he is taking up to 26 oz. of feed in total over 24 hours, and I now do not have to wake twice a night to feed him? My concern is that if I start waking him again at 11.30pm for a feed, he will begin to wake earlier than 7.30am, and then I shall be getting up twice in the night?
My night nanny seems to think that this present schedule is good, considering that we are weaning him down slowly and successfully at this 3am feed, and he is gaining weight well. What do you think?
At present he weighs 9lbs 4ozs and feeds at 7.30am 6oz, 11am 6oz, 2.45pm 5oz, 5.45pm 3oz, 7.15pm 4oz, 3am 2oz. Each of the feeds has 1 scoop of rice added except the smaller ones which have 1/2-3/4 scoop added. He sleeps for 4 and half hours spread over 3 naps in the day and is settled by 7.30pm.

If you have been advised to give your son feeds thickened with rice by a medical practitioner then you should continue. If you have not been given this advice it would be sensible to ask your doctor whether you should be using one of the specially thickened feeds which are to help babies with problems such as your son’s.

Although your son is gaining weight well at present and is taking in a good amount of milk for his weight, he will continue to need five feeds in twenty-four hours until well into his fourth or even fifth month. Although at present he appears to be content and sleeping well, in a few weeks this pattern could well change and you may have problems with early waking in the morning due to hunger or he will still continue to wake for a middle of the night feed. This is the first feed to be eliminated, followed by the one at 10.30pm which needs to stay in place often until a baby is weaned onto solids.

It would sensible to put back a feed at 10.30/11.pm and gradually decrease the night feed at 3am at the same time. Gradually increase the amount you offer at 10.30pm as you decrease and hopefully drop the 3am feed. As your son does not go down until 7.30pm and receives the second part of the split feed at 7.15pm, he has cut back on his 11pm feed too quickly. You may need to move the whole day back a bit and give him the second half of his split feed by 6.30pm and have him down by 7/7.15pm so he will wake and take a good feed around 10.30pm. It is by having a good feed at this time that will get him through the night to about 7am. If you look in The New Contented Baby Book p148-149 you will see how the night feeds are structured and how to gradually help your baby get through the night from 11pm.

Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

My 7 week old does not take very big feeds in the day and wakes early

My baby never seems to be hungry. She never seems to take more than 3-4oz per feed, even if I leave 20 minutes in between and take up to an hour to feed her. At 6 weeks she started sleeping through from 11pm to between 6-7am. She did this for about 5 nights then reverted to waking at 5am. She will not settle with water or a cuddle so I have to feed her. I then wake her between 7-7.30 but, whether she has had a full feed or just a couple of oz, she is not hungry and only takes 1oz which means she is well behind on her total amount of milk for the day. She weighs just over 10lbs (7lbs at birth) and is putting on about 6oz a week. Can I assume she does not need her feed at 5am and try controlled crying to get her through until between 6 and 7 or is she too young? She is only taking approx 18oz of milk per day.
She takes 1-2oz at 7/7.30am, 4oz at 10.45am, 3-4ozs at 2.15pm, 3ozs at 2.15pm, 3ozs at 5pm, 1-2 ozs at 6.15pm, 2-3oz at 11pm, 1-2ozs or 3-4ozs at 5am.
She naps at 9-10am, 12-2.0pm and 4-4.30pm. She settles at 7pm.

As your daughter is putting on about 6ozs each week she may well have a slightly smaller appetite than other babies of her weight. Even a formula-fed baby may well need an early morning feed for another week or so. Although she did sleep through for several nights, around six weeks is the time of a growth spurt and her early waking again was probably a sign of this. Controlled crying is something which should be used as the last resort and not in a baby this young.
As she does not have quite the average amount during twenty four hours for her weight it would be better to keep offering her a small feed at 5am then another at 7.30am. Give her the smallest amount possible to settle her when she wakes and then offer her next feed at 7.30am. If she continues not to have a bigger feed at 7.30am offer her another 1-2 ozs before going down for her nap at 9am. This should begin to help her daily intake a little.

Getting a baby to go right through the night until 6.30/7am can take a while.
In the evening, if she is willing to wait until 6.30pm for her feed after the bath she may well take another 1oz at this time, again helping her overall total.
Make sure she is really awake at 10.30/11pm so she will take a good feed and possibly begin to stretch right through the night.