Sleeping FAQ: 0-8 Weeks – Other

Is there any way we can help our 5 week daughter from startling awake at her lunchtime nap?

Our daughter was born by “C” Section as she was breech with arms raised above her head. Within 4 days she was wiggling out of her full swaddle and only sleeping with her arms above her head. She continues to do this, and hates being fully swaddled, refusing to rest until her arms are free. Now we half swaddle her.

However the problem is that she has a very strong Moro Reflex, triggered by just about anything from a sigh, hiccup, and a floorboard creak or sometimes nothing perceptible at all. This always seems to wake her up screaming after 5 minutes and again after 45 mins into her lunch time nap.

She sleeps fine at night and in her buggy.

Do you have any other substitutes for the full swaddle or suggestions that would stop the Moro reflex disturbing her sleep?

As with all swaddling it does need to be firmly tucked in so although able to move within the wrapping, sudden jerks will not mean her arms are suddenly freed and waving around.

If your daughter sleeps well at other times and settles back to sleep quickly when this happens at lunchtime it should gradually stop being a problem as her Moro reflex diminishes. Make sure she is firmly tucked in with a lightweight blanket or sheet over her swaddle, even with her arms free, as this will prevent too much of a startle when it happens.