Feeding FAQ: 6-9 months – Weaning/Solids

I need to get my 6-month-old back on solids after sickness

I need advice how to get back on track after my 6-month-old son has been ill with sickness and diarrhoea for over two weeks. He’s been feeding like a young baby with high fluid intake and totally off solids. He has taken a few spoons of food today, so that’s a good sign, but my health visitor says I should try changing my routine, with milk at 7am, breakfast at 10am, milk at 1pm, then food in the late afternoon. I really don’t want to do this, as Morgan was so happy with Gina’s plan, but I want to get Morgan’s weight back up and stop the two night feeds he has been having, both a full 7oz, one at 10.30pm-ish, and the other around 3am.
Please help as I just don’t know where to start first. Should I start to dilute one of the night feeds now or should I wait? His last weight was 16lb 4oz but should have been around 17lbs according to his growth chart. Will it be a slow recovery? Should I stop worrying? Thanks, Nikki

It is always worrying when your baby has been ill for a while and seems to have regressed in his feeding. It will take a few weeks for Morgan to recover fully and your best option is to progress slowly.

Depending at the stage of weaning you were at when Morgan fell ill, I would go back a little to nearer the first stages of weaning and offer Morgan solids at 11am and 5.30/6pm. Keep the 10pm feed up until his solid intake has increased more in the day but begin to dilute the 3am feed so he will be hungrier at 7am and you can gradually re-introduce breakfast. How quickly you dilute and drop this feed will depend on how quickly Morgan gets back to his old routine.

If he begins to need waking and not being interested in the 10.30pm feed, then reduce and drop it over a period of a few days. You will know how much he is eating in the day so will see when he doesn’t really need it any more. Depending how quickly he recovers his appetite, you may have to give a slightly bigger feed at 2.30pm for a few days until he begins to take more solids at 11am.

At Morgan’s weight, he needs a minimum of 20ozs of milk in 24hrs but some of that can come from fromage frais, cheese sauce and other dairy produce.

Be guided by his recovery and allow him a few weeks to get back to his old routine. If you are at all concerned about his weight gain at the next check, I would seek advice from your doctor.