Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Weaning

I’ve just started weaning 4 month Abigail and she won’t eat anything but pear

I have just started to wean Abigail (I started 7 days ago), but I can’t get her to eat anything but pear. She will eat baby rice only with pear in it. I’ve tried her with carrot, but she won’t eat it. How do I get her to eat vegetables? I’ve read the case study in the weaning book, but I can’t even get Abi to eat baby rice on its own, so I can’t follow the advice in the case study. I have a 3 year old who is a fussy feeder and has a very sweet tooth. I am keen to avoid this with Abigail !!
Abi is formula-fed on SMA gold. She has just cut her morning milk back from around 8-9oz to around 6oz in the last 2 days. IN all other respects she is a perfect contented little baby.
I would love some advice!

Abigail is still in the very early stages of weaning. At this time she is just beginning to get used to the feel of a spoon and learning how to suck food off it. Although you are right to want her to get used to a range of tastes go very slowly with their introduction.
If she likes pear try mixing a very small amount of carrot into it, and see if she will accept it. Gradually, over a period of days increase the amount of carrot and decrease the pear. Try this also with the baby rice. When making up the rice make sure it is quite sloppy and easy to suck off a spoon. If the mixture is too thick Abigail may find it hard to move it to the back of her mouth, ready to swallow.
Most of Abigail’s nutrients still come from her milk and it is important in the early days of weaning not to expect your baby to eat any large amounts. First she needs to learn about different tastes and textures, and how to get food off a spoon.