Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Weaning

Although I weaned Jack at 17 weeks, he still wakes for milk in the night

My son weighs 15lb 10oz. He has been formula-fed since the age of 16 weeks and l started weaning at 17 weeks.
Jack has never slept through the night. He wakes between 3-4am and l usually give him a 3oz bottle which he drinks in about 20 seconds! I still wake him between 10-10.30pm and he drinks 6-8 oz. I am following the Weaning book to the letter and have not experienced any problems with any of the foods Gina recommends. I am reducing the amount of daytime milk as per Gina’s guidelines ie: only giving a 7oz bottle at 2.30pm. Should l keep reducing his daytime milk as his solids increase? At 5 months Gina recommends giving a 5-7oz bottle at 11am (instead of the usual 8oz). I am assuming that still feeding Jack at 10.30pm and 3/4am is defeating the object of reducing his daytime milk intake !!!
Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jack may still need his bottle at 10/10.30pm for another few weeks until he is taking more solids but I suggest that you begin to cut back and eliminate the one at 3/4am. It would seem he is waking from habit rather than hunger. Replace it with water if he still continues to wake. Even taking 3oz at this time can have the knock-on effect of Jack not being so hungry for his 7am feed and cereals. As Jack begins to take more solid food at 11.30am he will not need such a large milk feed. This feed becomes “lunch” and, after protein is introduced from 6 months, the milk feed at this time is replaced by a drink of water or well-diluted juice from a cup.
Use the “tier” method of feeding at this feed so Jack has half his milk feed, then some solids followed by more milk. This will encourage him to cut back his milk and get him ready for the three solid meals a day he will have by six months.
Until Jack is 6 months old he will still need a minimum of 20oz of milk a day. From 5 months old more milk will be used when making up baby rice, cereal and solids so, although he begins to drink less, his overall daily intake remains the same.