Feeding FAQ: 4-6 months – Breast Feeding

Will it be possible to breast feed my 5 month baby after a 48hr break

I am having a MRI scan in three weeks. I have been told not to breast feed for 48hrs afterwards due to the contrast dyes used.
I used to give Sonny 1 bottle a night using expressed milk but haven’t done so for over a month. He has also taken formula on the odd occasion. He enjoys breastfeeding and I am worried how he will take the 48hr abstinence. I have a few frozen feeds of breast milk but not enough to last the whole 2 days. He now consumes all the milk I produce so I don’t think I could express and freeze more.
I want to carry on breastfeeding after the scan, and was hoping to do so fully. We are due to go away on holiday a week after the scan, and it would be easier if I did not have to take bottles with me.
If I introduce formula now in preparation, is my milk production likely to reduce so that I won’t be able to return to full breast feeding afterwards? Will expressing over the 48hr period be enough to maintain my milk production? I never seem to drain my breasts through expressing as Sonny does when feeding.
He has five feeds a day and is on day 16 of weaning.

In order to keep your supply going over the 48hrs begin to express now. Try for small amounts two hours after Sonny has fed from you and use it to boost the frozen supply. This will give you a slightly bigger supply which should help you cope with totally expressing for 48 hrs.
Would it be possible to rent a hospital type pump for the next month? They are the most efficient way of emptying a breast other than a baby.
Also reintroduce a bottle to Sonny now, as he could be reluctant to take it, having had a break of over a month. In order to keep your supply up, you will also need to express a full feed or as near as you are able, each time he has a bottle replacement in these next three weeks
It would be best to get him used to having one bottle a day by the time of your scan. Sometimes it is easier if someone other than yourself does this at first, especially if he shows signs of not wanting to feed from a bottle. By the time of your scan, Sonny should be more accepting towards a bottle and you will be able to give him some of the feeds for the following 2 days.
During the 48 hrs after the scan try to pump as near to his feed times as practical. Try not to be too concerned if you don’t get the amount he is taking at each feed. Keeping the breasts stimulated is the most important thing.
After the 48hr period is over, go back to full breast feeding but be prepared that you may have to offer a little formula for two or three days until your supply readjusts itself. Remember to rest as much as you can, and drink plenty of water between feeds to help you.
You will know if your supply is back to normal before going away. Why not pack some ready-to-feed formula and a few pre-sterilized bottles just in case there is a problem?