Feeding FAQ: 3-4 months – Other

3 month Twins feeding

I have 3-month-old twins, they seem to be doing very well on your schedule but I do find they get very sleepy before 9.00am and I find it difficult to keep them awake. They do not sleep through the night yet waking up between 3.00am and 5.00am and feed 10-15 minutes. Otherwise they do well through out the day except they have cat naps throughout the afternoon but I never have a problem putting them down at 7.00pm.
How do I know if they are getting enough milk as I am solely breastfeeding them? I do give them a bottle of 5-6oz at 10.30pm. But I cannot imagine I make 5-6oz per breast at each feed? So far they seem content but they both are starting to make sucking sounds and a lot of watery mouths?
Do you have any tips on twins as your book only mentions the one routine?
At present they feed at 7.30am 40 mins, 10.30am 40 mins, 12pm 5 mins, 2.30pm 40 mins, 4.15pm baby tea, a few sips, 6.15pm 40 mins, 10.30pm 5oz expressed bottle, 3-6am 10mins breast. The girls weigh 10 lbs and 12 lbs.
They nap at 9-9.45am, 12-2.15pm, 4-4.15pm 5.15-5.30pm.

You have done so well to have fully breast-fed both your girls and for them to be so settled into the routines. If they were not receiving enough milk for their needs they would be waking earlier and earlier for a feed, unable to settle to sleep at naptimes and would generally be less happy than they appear to be now. The fact that they are making sounds and have watery mouths may be the early signs of teething. They are beginning to use their mouth to explore their world as it is very sensitive to touch. This is why babies suck on anything which goes near to their mouth.
The amount of sleep a baby needs is a very individual thing. A baby of this age can stay awake for up to two hours, but many do need to settle for a nap before this. Using the routines as a guide whilst taking the girls own needs into account will help you structure their day. If they need to settle for their morning nap slightly earlier let them. To begin to stretch them nearer to 9am put them down 5 mins later every few days providing they continue to settle and sleep well for 45 mins. Go at the pace they are able to cope with, so always change things very slowly. As long as they continue to settle well at 7pm let them have their two cat naps in the afternoon. Begin to change things if things become difficult at 7pm.
If you look through the book at routines for singletons you will see that your daughters are following them in the same way as just one baby would. The only change you may need to make is to allow for extra time for feeding. You may have to begin a feed 15 mins earlier than the routine time to fit in feeding two. Adjusting and tweaking the routines for two can easily be done. If you are tandem feeding then the timings for singletons will not need that much adjusting.
If you notice that the girls are becoming less interested in the 7am feed then begin very slowly to cut back on the amount they are fed in the night. Look at notes on p 148 of The Contented Little Baby Book which explains how to gradually drop this feed. There is also a full description of the “core night” method which helps you eliminate this feed on p 42 of The Complete Sleep Guide. As they are completely breastfed they may need a feed around 5/6am followed by a top up at 7/7.30am which will get them through to their next feed.