Feeding FAQ: 0-8 weeks – Formula Feeding

My 7 week old does not take very big feeds in the day and wakes early

My baby never seems to be hungry. She never seems to take more than 3-4oz per feed, even if I leave 20 minutes in between and take up to an hour to feed her. At 6 weeks she started sleeping through from 11pm to between 6-7am. She did this for about 5 nights then reverted to waking at 5am. She will not settle with water or a cuddle so I have to feed her. I then wake her between 7-7.30 but, whether she has had a full feed or just a couple of oz, she is not hungry and only takes 1oz which means she is well behind on her total amount of milk for the day. She weighs just over 10lbs (7lbs at birth) and is putting on about 6oz a week. Can I assume she does not need her feed at 5am and try controlled crying to get her through until between 6 and 7 or is she too young? She is only taking approx 18oz of milk per day.
She takes 1-2oz at 7/7.30am, 4oz at 10.45am, 3-4ozs at 2.15pm, 3ozs at 2.15pm, 3ozs at 5pm, 1-2 ozs at 6.15pm, 2-3oz at 11pm, 1-2ozs or 3-4ozs at 5am.
She naps at 9-10am, 12-2.0pm and 4-4.30pm. She settles at 7pm.

As your daughter is putting on about 6ozs each week she may well have a slightly smaller appetite than other babies of her weight. Even a formula-fed baby may well need an early morning feed for another week or so. Although she did sleep through for several nights, around six weeks is the time of a growth spurt and her early waking again was probably a sign of this. Controlled crying is something which should be used as the last resort and not in a baby this young.
As she does not have quite the average amount during twenty four hours for her weight it would be better to keep offering her a small feed at 5am then another at 7.30am. Give her the smallest amount possible to settle her when she wakes and then offer her next feed at 7.30am. If she continues not to have a bigger feed at 7.30am offer her another 1-2 ozs before going down for her nap at 9am. This should begin to help her daily intake a little.

Getting a baby to go right through the night until 6.30/7am can take a while.
In the evening, if she is willing to wait until 6.30pm for her feed after the bath she may well take another 1oz at this time, again helping her overall total.
Make sure she is really awake at 10.30/11pm so she will take a good feed and possibly begin to stretch right through the night.