Development FAQ: 6-12 months – Other Advice

Have you any advice for potty training when using cloth nappies?

My daughter has been on Gina’s routines since birth – they have worked brilliantly – thank you. Although she is only 8-months-old, I have a copy of Gina’s potty training book and have glanced through it. Does Gina have any special advice to give to someone, like myself, who uses cloth nappies as opposed to disposables?

The only difference that you might notice is your daughter’s awareness of being wet and dirty. With cloth nappies this may start earlier, especially with wet ones; than with a toddler in disposables which draw the moisture away from the skin. Although your daughter may notice being wet and perhaps dirty at an earlier age, make sure that she is showing all the signs of being ready to be trained before attempting to begin – a good few months on from now!